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Our Values


As an international company with strong, dynamic and innovative workforce, we have maintained our firm commitment to providing the environment that offers endless possibilities, with unwavering focus on personal growth and professional development of our human capital, at every level across the spectrum. We have developed as part of our system, streams of motivation reward system, allowing our team members push to the limit their abilities to exceed, not only the expectations within our industry but keeping our competitors on their toes.


Acquiring knowledge and training geared at stimulating innovation is key to our operations here at VACC. We acknowledge and value a divergence of views, methodology and innovation as great assets in order to stay ahead of our major players in our industry. Our ongoing partnerships with major brand equipment manufacturers, offshore consultants and contractors constantly broadens our technical and business perspective and also positions us to take advantage of new skills, resources and technologies.


Delivering our projects within expected value on time and within budget is one of our core priorities. By leveraging on our capabilities we always strive to ensure that projects executed by VACC exceed client’s expectations. The top management of VACC is proactively involved in all our project executions and this encourages quick decision-making and tangible added value for our clients.


Our team is consciously driven by our core values of quality performance, and excellent service delivery. This value has sustained our growth and reputation in the market for more than a decade. Our staff believes in setting high standard and getting the work done correctly the first time. Every individual is clear about their responsibility and what resource to be utilized to achieve it. VACC embraces superior performance and innovative qualities while recognizing and honoring individuals who demonstrate special skill and competencies during project execution.


Health and safety of our workforce as well as the protection of the environment we operate in is of paramount importance to us at VACC Technical Ltd. To this end we strive to maintain a zero tolerance Health Safety and Environment (HSE) policy at all times in compliance with international standards. Our HSE team is made up of highly trained health and safety professionals certified by recognized international bodies including IOSH. This is a further testament to our commitment to responsibly carry out all our business activities under safety approved conditions.

Our Capabilities

At VACC we have developed and established capabilities and leadership positions in delivering unparalleled value and satisfaction to our clients in the field of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Services, including installations, servicing and maintenance. We offer detailed Value Engineering on all our projects; ensuring design criteria are achieved with precision.

Our portfolio of projects demonstrates our depth of capability in the following areas:


Value Engineering

At VACC we leverage on our depth of understanding of the industry to propose cost saving changes while maintaining and enhancing quality, value, and improving processes and functional performance in all our project implementations. For every new project, we help our clients achieve an optimum balance between function, performance, quality, safety, and cost resulting in the maximum value to meet customer needs at the lowest overall cost.

Procurement & Logistics

Over the years, we have identified a number of credible companies in our supply chain, with major global brands that guarantee both technical and after sales support throughout the life span of the equipment. We employ comprehensive purchasing strategies based upon sound procurement practices and principles to ensure our clients get the best value for their investment. Using Global Standard in procurement and supply, we enhance performance by identifying and developing mechanisms to ensure that the highest level of quality and efficiency is derived in all our equipment,


We oversee direct inbound and outbound logistics operations, covering transportation or ware-house activities, safety performance, and quality management for all our projects.

Fabrication & Installation

With our independent sheet-metal fabrication facility in Lagos, VACC maintains the capacity to provide custom fabrication of duct and duct assemblies by our highly skilled and certified technicians. Leveraging on the workforce in our independent sheet-metal fabrication facility, our efficiency to fabricate and install these finished duct products in compliance with SMACNA International Standards has improved, and we are able to maintain the highest industry quality, safety, and performance standards.

Commissioning & Startup

We have commissioning and startup technical team whose responsibility is to inspect new installation, and verify that the system is equipped and ready to run properly and efficiently. They work closely with the installation team to review design and provide support before and after equipment startup.


At VACC, we simply take responsibility for our work, ensuring that it meets the client’s requirements, making improvements to and offering professional advice about operational procedures, which means that our mechanism for creating and carrying out test procedures, investigating problems, diagnosing and repairing faults, and troubleshooting must result in the assurance that every equipment we install works to its designed specification without compromising operational safety, and environmental impact where necessary.

Services & Maintenance

When your project is completed and commissioned, our new relationship begins. At VACC our service and maintenance policy keeps us on top of the smooth running of your services installation, while you can focus on your productivity. Equipped with all state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, our service department has the capacity to provide new installation, a full range one-off repair, preventive and periodic maintenance of air conditioning systems, household products, ventilation systems, light and industrial split systems, and making routine checks and adjustments to maximize operational efficiency.


We perform routine preventive maintenance to ensure that all equipment continues to run smoothly, building systems and installations operate efficiently, and the physical condition of equipment does not deteriorate. We proactively inspect, operate, and test equipment to diagnose malfunctions and determine how to correct them without impacting on your productivity or timeline.

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Team Structure


VACC Technical Limited has put together a team of over 550 staff in the Sub-Saharan African region. Our success leverages the talents drawn from diverse professional experience and skill sets that are strategically assigned to give us innovative outcome. VACC also promotes result-driven workforce and an all-round complementary team that engage equally and effectively.

Connie Guilfoyle

Managing Director


Karim Abou Hassan

General Manager – Nigeria


Akintomide Bamigboye

Commercial Director


Chahine Bou Rjeily

Head of Mechanical Department


Tolu Charles-Ekundayo

Head of Human Resources & Administration


Zeid Kobeissi

Head of Electrical Department



Ernesto Dotti

General Manager – Ghana