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Piped Services & Plumbing

To complement the expansion of our mechanical division that now includes piped services and plumbing we have engaged the services of skilled professional engineers and tradesmen to deliver projects that have received top star ratings from various professional bodies. Our experienced technical team ensures that all installations are carried out in accordance with the latest standards and regulations as laid down by world governing bodies in each discipline

VACC has worked with businesses throughout Nigeria and across the region to provide expert installation for all major types of piped services and plumbing systems. Our certified technicians, with over 3 decades of combined experience, have the capacity to handle complex project effectively and provide maintenance support to ensure our clients enjoy and derive full value from their investments.


As part of VACC’s mechanical package we undertake:

  • Boreholes

  • Water &Sewage Treatment Plants

  • Sanitary Wares and Fixtures

  • Hot and Cold Water Supplies

  • Soil and Storm Water Drainage